If, like us, you already consider your four legged friend part of the family, then the idea to create a ‘Pet Resume’ when applying for a rental property seems only natural!

Recently, Rent.com.au launched an innovative new feature called ‘Pet Resume’ where tenants with furry friends are able to create their very own pooch CV to submit alongside their tenancy application – and we couldn’t be more excited with the concept.

According to the website, Pet Resume is “a detailed summary of your pet’s best qualities, all to improve their chance of application success.” The idea has been a huge hit with more than 50,000 Pet Resumes created since they launched the tool earlier this year.

“You can add some personality to your pet’s profile with a photo and bio, as well as references, training and vaccinations.” Let’s not kid ourselves… most of us will jump at the opportunity to create an adorable profile for our fluffy flatmates!

Rent.com.au says that in a survey conducted in October they found that “overwhelmingly 42% of renters found it extremely difficult to find a place to rent which would accept their pets, despite almost 63% of Australian households owning them.”

As the rental game can often be a competitive one, Pet Resume is a great tool to help demonstrate responsible ownership of your insta-famous pooch – just like @itsdougthepug here who has 3 million followers and his own merchandise line!









Source: rent.com.au, dougthepugstore.com. Photo credit: rent.com.au, @itsdougthepug