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Pre-Market Property

What are Pre-Market Properties?
There are two types of Pre-Market Properties. The first are homes which are currently being prepared for sale. We will be working with our client to refresh the home before it is brought to the market for sale.

The second are homes where a client may consider a sale, should the right buyer come along.

Why should I register for Pre-Market Properties?
Brisbane’s inner-western suburbs are tightly held and are increasingly sought-after, with competition remaining fierce.

Registering for Pre-Market Properties gives our buyers exclusive access to upcoming properties before anybody else.

If a suitable home becomes available, our buyers will have the opportunity to express their interest before the property is officially launched to Realestate.com.au or Domain.

What are the benefits for Sellers?

With over 2,245 buyers currently registered on our database, this is an invaluable resource for any potential Seller.

We often find that those who are seeking Pre-Market Properties are in a position to buy now, but are finding there is little to choose from online.

Taking advantage of these buyers has resulted in a great outcome for many of our clients, as it saved them the cost of advertising and preparing the home for sale.


Registered Buyers
How can I take advantage of this?
If you are considering a move this year, surprisingly market conditions are favouring home owners due to current demand and low supply.

There is an opportunity for Sellers to take advantage of these registered buyers who are actively seeking pre-market properties.

If you would like to talk to us about your property, we would love to help you decide what’s best for your family.

If you decide to sell, we can walk you through your property options and match any of our registered buyers to your home.

Be the first to know about upcoming properties.
Step 1. Property Details

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