Being able to show the warmth of a home is important when presenting your property for sale. Buyers will want to engage with their ‘next’ home and if a property is marketed while vacant, it can be difficult for them to really envisage their life at the property.

Our property stylist has done a wonderful job furnishing 5/11 Ada Street, Taringa and the difference is immediate – the lounge room evokes an emotional connection with the buyers and also shows how much space there is (often more than some might expect!).


Another important benefit of styling a property is the way it presents online. As we all know, first impressions really count so engaging with that buyer from the first click is super important. 26 Ross Street, Paddington is a stunning home but if photographed while it was still vacant it may not attract every buyer in the market – and that is what’s needed to achieve a premium price.

By creating a knock-out first impression, you’ve made your property stand out from the crowd and hooked potential buyers from the second they walk through the door – far more preferable to the empty shell they may otherwise see.

An emotional connection helps buyers to fall in love with your property and for the right home, they often pay a premium to get it because you’ve established that ‘must have’, ‘dream home’ feeling. Property stylists aim to enhance the ambiance and appeal of a home and therefore increase its sale price, by creating an immediate emotional connection between the buyer and the property.