Pinterest has released their predictions for the trends likely to make waves this year. 

The 2022 trends that we are excited to see revived this year are Ancient Greek influences, retro designs making a comeback, and new trends focusing on promoting happiness and healthiness in our homes.

Curve Appeal

Pinterest has seen a rise in searches for curved home décors such as curved couches, curved bar designs, and curved kitchen islands. Adding curves to your home is a great way to add more interest and personality. This trend can extend to the architecture of your house to include arches both outside and inside.

2022 Trends - Curve Appeal. Adding curved archways to the home

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Back in Black 

Pinterest has seen an 85% increase in Goth Home Décor Searches. In particular, it is predicted that there will be an increase in black kitchens! Goth is a recurring nonconformist trend, which is seen time and time again as a way for people to express themselves and bring a dramatic element to a home. When it comes to kitchens, goth-inspired décor is a great way to add class and understated luxe to your house to make it memorable.

2022 Trends - Back in Black, using all black kitchen decor

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Check Yourself

Check out this for your next home reno; the retro style checkerboard is making a comeback! We recommend adding a modern twist to this pattern by incorporating bold colours or tiling your entryway and bathroom with it. According to Pinterest, this trend is being driven by Millennials and Baby Boomers.

2022 Trends - checkerboard design on kitchen tiles

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Limitless Luxe

More and more home makeovers are incorporating luxury finishes to revitalise homes. Notably, this trend is being brought to life in the nooks and crannies of the home, including the laundry area, garage, and basements. To achieve this look we recommend using stone, dark accents, and brass finishes.

2022 Trends - Limitless Luxe - adding brass finishes to the kitchen

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Biophilic Design 

We are seeing an increase in biophilic design, which sees the incorporation of greenery in interior areas. This trend is being driven by the increase in time being spent at home. Biophilic design is said to make us healthier, happier, and more productive, as well as fostering our connection with nature. Some of our favourite Pinterest trending searches include staircase gardens, biophilic walls and floral ceilings.

2022 Trends - Biophilic Design by adding greenery to the living room

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Hellenistic Revival

Classic is meeting modern, with ancient greek influence on home architecture and décor expected to become a prominent trend in 2022. Pinterest recorded increased searches for aphrodite aesthetic wallpaper, corinthian columns and Greek Statue art.

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