In 2016, Byrony O’Neill cut her ties with a well-known agency and broke away from convention to launch her own real estate venture. If you’d asked her then, ‘where do you see yourself in five years?’ even Byrony could not have predicted what lay ahead.

However, this is not about the pandemic or Australia’s housing boom, it’s about how one woman planted a seed for success and grew a tall forest.

Byrony shares her passion for O’Neill Estate Agents, in the following questions and answers.

Going back to the beginning, what motivated you to start your own business?

My goal was to bring my values and ethics to the industry without compromising the vision and integrity of the team. I’d established a strong reputation in Brisbane, and it was time to stand alongside my own brand, next to like-minded individuals.

Now five years on, has the industry changed?

I’m seeing a lot more boutique agencies popping up, which tells me that sellers are choosing the sales agent, not the agency. Many agents come and go, though it’s the ones who really look after their clients that carve out a niche market. In short, the sales agent is the brand.

What makes O’Neill Estate Agents different from the rest?

For a start, the team is amazing. Everyone in the office cares for each other and genuinely connects with our clientele. I’m proud to say that many of my clients have become friends over time. It’s gratifying to share significant milestones with people and form friendships along the way.

Byrony O'Neill Headshot

Byrony O’Neill, Director of O’Neill Estate Agents

Real estate is demanding. When do you stop to smell the roses?

Teamwise, I’ve initiated a compulsory mental health day once a month, so each person has time to switch off from work and recharge. It’s 24 hours of freedom to do what they like and not worry about checking emails.

What are some of the things you love about your job?

Definitely the team building days, community sponsorship initiatives and of course the client Christmas party. It’s important for me to give back to others, not only in a business sense, but at a community level as well. We are looking forward to our involvement in local events in 2022.

Do you have a favourite property that you’ve sold from the past five years?

Every place is unique and has its own soul. It’s not so much the property that grabs my attention, but more the owners’ stories. Hearing their experiences and journey through the time they have lived in the property makes my day.

Where to next for O’Neill Estate Agents?

The business has grown beyond my dreams and continues to do so. We actually occupy the whole building now, so there’s certainly the space to grow. My plan is to bring on more sales agents, who live and breathe our ethos, to represent the agency. Our first-class management of investors’ assets has drawn attention, which means the expansion of our property portfolio is also on the agenda.



Hardworking and ethical, it’s no surprise that Byrony has firmly entrenched herself as a name in the industry. With her branded vehicles, professional premises and prominent positioning in the marketplace, we wait eagerly to see what evolves over the next five years at O’Neill Estate Agents

P.S. If you haven’t discovered this already, Byrony has a soft spot for fur babies, cute animals, loud cars and supporting charities close to her heart.