With Brisbane dwelling values currently at a record high, now is the time to take advantage of the market. But how do you make sure your property stands out in such a fast-moving market?

If you’re looking to sell before the end of the year, and before the quiet Christmas period, you need to leverage the little things to make your property stand out. With limited time available, extensive renovations are not going to be practical, but with some small changes, you can still make your property shine.


Furniture and décor can help potential buyers envision their lives in your property. It is important to ensure the styling is widely appealing, as eccentric décor, family photos, or personal items can hinder that experience and not engage buyers.

We recently saw the impact of what styling can do for a property at 181 Birdwood Terrace, Toowong. This property was on the market for 57 days, waiting for the right buyer to come along. We decided to change the strategy and bought in our wonderful stylist to dress the property.

Following the fresh look and relaunch, the home sold in just three days!

Although it is an added expense in the sales process, styling is definitely a worthwhile investment that can help you achieve your dream sale price in any market!

Birdwood Tce, Before and After

Styling matters: 181 Birdwood Terrace, before and after

Professional photography and floorplan

Along with styling, professional photography can leave a lasting impression and make your property stand out. A dusk photoshoot showcasing the property’s lighting, will show a softer side of the property and grab attention throughout the sales process.

Having a floor plan included in your campaign will also help buyers recognise if the layout of the property is suitable for their lifestyle.

5/37 Indooroopilly Road, Taringa

For Auction: 5/37 Indooroopilly Road, Taringa

Appliances and their energy efficiency

Don’t overlook your appliances! Buyers understand the value, so new, energy-efficient appliances can be a major selling point for some. You don’t need to replace all of the appliances to impress potential buyers; focusing on those which are high-use such as the stove and oven, dishwasher and dryer, can reap rewards.

Invest in value add marketing

Even in such a competitive market, marketing still matters. That’s why it is important to find an agent and agency who understands the market and your suburb.

O’Neill Estate Agents is the only agency to have an exclusive position in the search results of Realestate.com.au. We can guarantee your property will be seen by more buyers than any other agency.

Quick access to your property page boosts views and increases buyer interest. By strategically placing our client’s properties in the search results of these suburbs, over 27,900 buyers click through to our properties.

Not only is your property seen by buyers who may be searching outside of your property’s suburb, but it also increases your properties exposure, enquiry and chances of selling for a great sale price.

Property Showcase Advertising on realestate.com.au

Property Showcase Advertising on realestate.com.au

Fix the little things

Of course, there are also little wins you can achieve over a weekend, with a quick trip to Bunnings to get the necessary items, such as cleaning and painting the walls, tidying up the garden and driveway, and ensuring your home number is visible from the street.

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