The dream of owning an investment property can quickly become a headache if matched with the wrong property manager.

Here are four things to consider when looking for a property manager.

Small Portfolio

All too often, agencies burden their staff with large portfolios, which ultimately leads to employee burnout and disconnect.

At O’Neill Estate Agents, we believe in valuing our team’s mental health and a balanced workload, so that they can give their clients the service they expect and deserve!

We intentionally keep our rental portfolios small to allow our property managers to form important personal connections with their landlords and tenants.

Kym Cheney, Head of Property Management at O’Neill Estate Agents, has 14 years of experience working in property management and has seen the impact large portfolios have on property managers.

“All too often I hear from clients who haven’t heard back from their Property Manager for days, or their Property Manager is being reactive instead of proactive,” says Kym.

“When you have large portfolios, ranging anywhere from 130 properties to 300 properties per Property Manager, it is a delicate balancing game which can quickly be thrown into turmoil.”

“This overload is not sustainable and we recognise that change needs to be made across the industry. That’s why we are big believers of looking after our team members so that they can look after our clients.”

Along with smaller portfolios, all team members get a monthly mental health day. This is a day for our employees to relax, switch off and do whatever their hearts desire.

Modern Practices and Technology

In the era of smartphones, everyone has adapted to expect things instantaneously and this has consequently made tedious paper-based processes unbearable.

Therefore, you need someone who is ahead of the game in terms of marketing, technology and maintenance management!

It is critical to look for a property manager who has the skills and technical knowledge to support you. Online and automated application processes, streamlined and trackable maintenance requests, innovative marketing strategies, and centralised portals should be the norm!

Good Communication

Property Managers are crucial to a successful tenant/landlord relationship so it is important to seek a good communicator from the onset. Look for someone consistent with communication, and who is transparent and honest; whilst also ensuring that they are experienced and confident in their role. This will give you a stress-free property management experience in the long term.

Tailor-Made Services

Personalised strategies can maximise your rental return and increase your property’s value. A good property manager should have the drive and time to invest in your property so you can get more out of the investment.  From finding the perfect tenants to helping with improvements on the property so as to increase its value – a property manager should take pride in every property they look after.

At O’Neill Estate Agents we do property management a little differently to most. Call Kym today to find out how we can help you.

Kym Cheney

Head of Property Management
0438 760 866

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