Ideal for families with long-term education goals, St Lucia is a world class university precinct.

Many families choose to move to St Lucia so their children can attend the coveted Ironside State School and go on to study at the University of Queensland.

St Lucia Community Guide - University of Queensland

Residents in St Lucia are just a stone’s throw from the lush grounds of the University of Queensland, which is set against the picturesque backdrop of the Brisbane river.

Recreational facilities in St Lucia

Locals can also enjoy the vast benefits of St Lucia’s university precinct with public access to recreational facilities.

Sporting fields, swimming pools, tennis courts and community gardens are all available to the public, offering an appealing lifestyle for many.

Brisbane’s first Ninja Warrior Course

Another drawcard for St Lucia, are the many parks dotted throughout the suburb.

Guyatt Park is one of the most popular, with the recently finished Ninja Warrior Course, a children’s playground and barbeque all facilities available.

St Lucia Community Guide - Ninja Warrior course at Guyatt Park in St Lucia

St Lucia Golf Links also offers a fun afternoon of putt putt, golf or dining for the whole family.

St Lucia Community Guide - Golf and putt putt at St Lucia Golf Links

Surrounding UQ, riverfront walking trails, dedicated bikeways and ferry terminals easily connect St Lucia with the City and West End.

St Lucia Community Guide - UQ ferry terminial in St Lucia


Best of St Lucia

Proximity to UQ one of Australia’s leading universities, lunch at the Hundred Acre Bar overlooking St Lucia Golf Links, Guyatt Park’s Ninja Warrior Course.

St Lucia Schools

Ironside State School, University of Queensland (UQ), St Thomas’s Riverview Kindergarten.


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