House hunters in Brisbane haven’t really showed any signs of slowing down, despite ongoing uncertainty due to COVID-19.

If anything, it’s actually reinforced their decision to buy.

What’s different now, is that Sellers are still hesitant to make a move. Many homeowners who were considering selling their property in 2020, have decided to bunker down and wait out the pandemic.

This has left buyers eager for new properties to hit the market in Brisbane’s inner-western suburbs.

Quietly Sold | 85 Goldsbrough Road, Taringa $840,000

Over the past few months, there has been a noticeable shift in buyer activity, with Queensland property searches up 50% in June.

Many prospective purchasers have reached out to our agency, to find out if a suitable home might be coming on the market for sale. Buyers can register for pre-market opportunities with us, which we have had an overwhelming response to.

The types of properties which buyers are searching for have been varied, across all price points. From two bedroom apartments to a most recent request for a larger home on a substantial block, with a value of up to $2.5M.

Sold | 23 Lily Street, Indooroopilly $1.85M

This change in behaviour is a good indication that buyer demand remains high, while property stock levels prove to be persistently low.

A lack of homes for sale from Auchenflower through to Indooroopilly and Chapel Hill, is encouraging those who are ready to buy, to get their foot in the door before anyone else.

With the right strategy, properties are selling

Even in uncertain times, we are successfully selling properties throughout Brisbane’s inner-western suburbs, with homeowners achieving good sale prices.

Over 90% of the properties we have brought to the market during COVID-19 have sold and we are busy working on the last 10%. This is small selection of the sales we have achieved in recent months:

If you are also considering a moving this year, surprisingly market conditions are favouring home owners due to current demand and low supply.

There is an opportunity for Sellers to take advantage of these registered buyers who are actively seeking pre-market properties.

Sold | 47 Market Street, Toowong $1.1M

We understand that the decision to move can be overwhelming which is why we encourage homeowners to speak with a local agent, who has your best interest at heart.

When we meet with our clients, we offer advice across all of their property options – not just for selling.

We can discuss adapting the home to suit their changing needs, renting the property to build their portfolio or to bring the home to market with a clear strategy in place.

If you would like to talk to us about your property, we would love to help you decide what’s best for your family. We can walk you through your property options and if you decide to sell, match any of our registered buyers to your home.

Let’s chat

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