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6 things you should know to get a great sale price

6 things you should know to get a great sale price

Are you contemplating selling your property? Here are 6 key things every home owner should do to achieve a great sale price.

  1. Give your property a “Health Check”

Take a step back and gaze a critical eye over your property. Are there any issues that may raise concerns with a potential buyer? Would the property pass a building and pest inspection? A “Health Check” allows you to address these issues before they become a red flag or roadblock for buyers. Engage an experienced agent or a building and pest inspector to assess the property with you to identify any critical concerns. Often an experienced agent will have access to a list of reliable trades who can help you rectify any issues and achieve a great sale price.

10 Burbong Street, Chapel Hill
  1. Enhance the street appeal

In our inner-western suburbs, street appeal matters. We are lucky to live in a beautiful pocket of Brisbane where home owners take a lot of pride in their properties. Our streets are lined with enchanting cottages, magnificent Queenslanders and architecturally designed homes. Regardless of the style of your property, enhancing its street appeal will help you achieve a great sale price. Consider improving the gardens, outdoor lighting and pressure cleaning the exterior of the home, along with any pathways and driveways.

  1. Replace outdated fittings

Are the electrical fittings dating the property? It may not be immediately noticeable, but outdated lighting can significantly impact the first impression of a room. A simple tip is to replace the outdated light fitting with a newer design. This is an affordable way to immediately enhance any room.

Modern lighting is an affordable way to enhance any room
  1. Refresh the kitchen and bathroom

The two main focal areas of a home for buyers are the kitchen and bathroom, the condition of which can often make or break the sale of a property. Assess the condition of these areas and identify if they require a minor refresh. In the bathroom, check for calcium build up on shower screens, mould in the grout or silicon which may need resealing. In the kitchen, ensure the cooktop and oven are both clean and in good working order. Review the condition of the kitchen bench and if necessary, consider replacing the benchtop. These are all cost-effective tasks which can have a major impact on the key areas of your home, an experienced agent should be able to give you some direction.

  1. Capture the emotions of buyers

Is the home vacant? Styling the property could be a valuable tool to capture the emotions of buyers. A warm and welcoming home leads to buyers establish an emotional connection with the property, helping them to envision their family living in the home. If your floorplan is less conventional, styling the home can help show people how certain shapes can be used.

Sold | 24 Soudan Street, Toowong $760,000
  1. Create a family friendly backyard

Would your backyard entice a family to get outside and play? If your property is likely to appeal to families, make sure the backyard is inviting and kid friendly. A lovely grassed yard offers plenty of space for a children’s swing set or playhouse to be assembled. If the property is fenced, check to ensure the gates and palings are secure and functional. This will create a safe area for the little ones to play freely.

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