Nestled in an elevated pocket of St Lucia, 64 Hawken Drive is a stunning home that has been leased as an executive rental property for many years.

The impressive residence boasts 5 generous bedrooms, multiple living areas, outdoor entertaining and a spectacular in-ground pool.

While all investment properties regardless of their size require a high level of service, homes of this enormity demand exceptional attention to detail. Care must be taken to ensure the property condition is upheld, gardens are maintained and integrated appliances are safeguarded from damage.

Leased | 64 Hawken Drive, St Lucia $1,700pw

Managing your biggest asset

Sadly, the landlord of this exceptional home found himself in an all-too-familiar situation. The level of service he was receiving from his previous property manager was less than impressive. His calls were not being returned and he did not have a dedicated property manager. His property was being managed by a ‘team’, which resulted in a communication breakdown amongst staff members.

Frustrated with the lack of communication, the owner decided to make the switch to Byrony O’Neill Estate Agents. He was able to terminate his existing management agreement by providing written notice to the other agency, which can be easily done via email, and does not require a reason for the termination. With most management agreements, you will simply need to give 30 days’ notice and it does not matter if there is a tenancy in place.

Leased | 64 Hawken Drive, St Lucia $1,700pw

Transferring the complete property history

When we took over the management of 64 Hawken Drive, we arranged for a full property transfer. This included collecting all of the relevant documentation to ensure the complete history of the property was on file.

  • Tenancy information and ledger, rental history including arears if any.
  • On-going repairs, past maintenance and warranties.
  • Entry condition reports, routine inspections and safety certificates.
  • Remotes, keys and access codes.

After reviewing the property information, we discovered that the pool safety certificate was about to expire, several keys were missing and the tenants were unknowingly in rental arears. We identified that the tenants had paid a week’s rent several months earlier, but the previous agency had failed to allocate the payment to their property. At $1,700 per week rent, the owner had missed out on quite a substantial amount of income.

Leased | 64 Hawken Drive, St Lucia $1,700pw

Assessing the condition of the property

Both myself and Byrony introduced ourselves to the tenants and organised a comprehensive inspection of the property. This allowed us to identify any maintenance issues and provide the owner with a thorough understanding of the condition of his asset.

Since then we have carried out several improvements on the property to maintain its exceptionally high standard. The owner is extremely involved in his investment property, as are we, by communicating all matters with him on a regular basis.

“Your own attention to detail, quick response and follow up, cost focus, plus rapport with the tenant has been excellent and no doubt impacted very positively on the current state of the property.


The property requires vigilant maintenance and we have also seen the resolution of various major items (plumbing, garden irrigation, decking…….) over recent months. I am very thankful for your support as each of these issues was dealt with.


I feel very sure that Hawken Drive is being well cared for in your hands.”


David Condon, Landlord

64 Hawken Drive, St Lucia

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