Spring has traditionally been a popular time of year for Brisbane home owners to sell their property. Although our Winter may not deter as many buyers as it does in the brisker southern states, there are still seasonal trends which can impact the Brisbane market.

Over the past few years, Winter has seen an easing of sales, with fewer sellers becoming active in the market. But as the weather warms and the days become longer, Spring entices more home owners to think about selling their property.

Brilliant, tree-lined streets which are bursting with purple Jacarandas increase the appeal of our inner-western suburbs. With flowers in full bloom and gardens looking their best, it’s easy to see why Spring can encourage more sellers to showcase their property.

The weather is warm but not too hot, which is ideal for showing homes, particularly those which may be ‘warmer’ in the height of summer. Spring evenings in Brisbane provide the perfect setting for a home, with natural light flooding in, followed by a beautiful pink sunset.

Seasonally, Spring may be the best time of year to present your home, but it can also mean stronger competition in the marketplace. As more home owners decide their house is perfect to sell at this time, an influx of properties during these blissful months can cause a shift in the market.

Sold – 20 Greer Street, Bardon $750,000

However, in my opinion supply and demand remain the biggest factors in determining the best time of year to sell.  With the lack of homes for sale combined with continuing demand, house prices go up or are sustained.

In the current market, there is a shortage of homes for sale within the western suburbs of Brisbane, ultimately delivering an opportunity for Sellers to take advantage of the limited supply.  If you have been considering selling this year or into the next, now would be the time to take advantage of market conditions to achieve a great price.


Free Local Market Report | 2018

Understanding the market you sell in is a major consideration when putting your property up for sale. Our complimentary Local Market Report provides residents with a detailed look at property values and trends we are currently experiencing throughout Brisbane’s inner-west.

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Complimentary Local Market Report | 2018

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