Changing property managers can often be put into the ‘too hard basket’, even if you are unhappy with the service your current agency is providing.

A common misconception for landlords is that once you are signed with a property manager or there is an existing lease in place, then you are bound to them.

This is not true!

In Queensland, your management agreement allows you to maintain control over your investment and switching property managers is actually very easy.

How do I terminate my management agreement?

With most management agreements, you will simply need to give 30 days written notice to end your current agency agreement. It does not matter if there is a tenancy in place or the property is vacant. Written notice can easily be done via email and it is not necessary to provide a reason for the termination.

Some older agreements may require a longer notice period of up to 90 days, which will be outlined in the terms of your appointment. However, we find that you can often end the agreement sooner if both parties agree to the termination.

If you are unsure what your termination clause is, we can always look over your management agreement with you and determine what timelines need to be adhered to.

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Is that all?

Yes, that is all you need to do! Any other paperwork will be taken care of by your new managing agent. We will contact your previous agency and arrange for a full, detailed property transfer. No further contact as the landlord is necessary.

What happens to the property’s history? Such as ongoing maintenance or rent arrears?

Our property management department ensures all of the relevant documentation for your property is transferred over so the full history is on file. This will include the tenancy information, where the rent is paid up to, any past maintenance and warranties, ongoing repairs, and all remotes, keys and access codes for the property. The RTA will also be notified of the change of agency for the bond being held.

How will the tenants be notified?

We will notify your tenants in writing and also invite them for a quick meet and greet to introduce them to our agency. The tenants will be updated with the new account details for the rent, after hours contact numbers and the correct process for maintenance requests. If necessary, we will arrange to inspect the property, to address any issues and ensure our records are up to date.

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Will my rent be delayed?

No. Our processes ensure a seamless transition between both agencies so there will be no delay in dispersing your rent on time.

Is it time to make a change?

Property management can be a high turnover industry, where agents are forced to manage huge rent rolls and landlords can often feel like just a number.

Our boutique agency allows us to spend much more time with each landlord, ensuring they receive the highest level of care and service. We pride ourselves in knowing each tenant and landlord by name, and ensuring you will always have a familiar face to speak to.

Our services are tailor made for every client and each personalised strategy aims to maximise the rental return as well as drive the property’s value.

A change in your property manager is as easy as calling us on 0412 132 480 or 07 3876 8226.

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