As the saying goes, ‘the difference is in the detail’.

This is very true when preparing your property for sale in our inner-western suburbs. Taking the time to present your home in the best possible light will not only attract the most attention from Brisbane buyers, but ultimately drive the best sale price for you.

These simple, easy to follow ideas will take care of the little touches that make a big difference, and give your property the extra edge to stand out from the crowd.


Large or small, any maintenance around the home should be taken care of prior to putting the property on the market. Buyers take notice of even the smallest maintenance issues and a home which appears well-cared for is more valuable than a home which has let the little things go. Leaky taps, loose door handles or broken blinds are all worth having repaired.

Natural Light

Light and bright rooms are much more inviting than dark spaces which can feel smaller than they actually are. Walk through the property and assess how each room captures natural light. If some are darker than others, think about how you could change that. Floor lamps and bedside lamps are an easy way to bring style and interest to a room as well as additional lighting to help make the space appear more appealing.

Sold – 33 Curlew Street, Toowong $1,385,000


A fresh coat of paint in a white or neutral colour palate can work wonders for any home, especially if the style is outdated. For modern properties, it can be worth checking to see if any rooms require a small touch up of paint. Kids, pets and day to day life easily mark crisp walls, but a quick touch of paint can mask any blemishes.


The exterior of the property should not be forgotten, especially in Brisbane where the outdoor area can be one of its key features. Gardens are also an important selling point for many homes and a quick tidy up of the yard can really enhance the appeal of the property. Consider laying some mulch on garden beds, edging pathways and pressure cleaning the exterior of the home to highlight the beautiful outdoor area it has.

Sold – 69 Frederick Street, Toowong $645,000


Professionally steamed carpets can make a huge difference to a room, especially if the property is vacant. Alternatively, if the home is in original condition, the impact new carpets can make is significant. A small investment will provide a fresh, welcoming impression for buyers and also help to overcome any hesitations that the home may require too much work.

Light Fittings

As important as natural light is through the day, setting the mood in the evenings is equally as important. Check light bulbs around the outside of the property to make sure they are all working and are the same tone. Warm, incandescent lighting can create a more inviting look compared to LED lighting. It can be a good idea to leave these on at dusk to really highlight the property to buyers who might drive past on their way home from work.

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