The entrance to your home can say a lot about the property and it is the first impression potential buyers get before they walk through the front door. Most buyers will drive past a property before they make contact with the agent, so it’s important that the home immediately captures their attention and excitement!

Here are some easy ways to make the entrance to your home appealing.

Green space

For those of us who don’t have a green thumb and can’t be trusted with a cactus, gardens can often be neglected. But a little effort can make a huge difference and neat gardens set the standard for a well maintained home. Adding mulch to flower beds is a quick, inexpensive way to tidy the front yard. Rake fallen leaves, edge pathways and ensure front gates are quiet and close properly to keep pets safe.

A piece of history

Our Queensland homes have some incredible history to them. Some properties have been moved hundreds of miles, while others were the original farmers’ homestead. Any piece of history is an interesting talking point and another reason for buyers to fall in love with your home. A ‘circa’ house sign is a growing trend and an easy way to add a unique feature to your entrance.

Setting the mood

Check light bulbs around the outside of the property to make sure they are all working and are the same tone. Warm, incandescent lighting can create a more inviting look compared to LED lighting. It can be a good idea to leave these on at dusk to really highlight the property to buyers who might swing past on their drive home from work.

Show your true colours

Make a statement with your front door. A touch of colour can create a chic, modern entry or a heritage inspired door can add a touch of character. This is an ideal place to be bold without it affecting the décor throughout the rest of your house.