A common concern when listing your property for sale is the cost of the commission. With most people going through the process of selling their homes only a handful of times in their lives, it’s understandable for vendors to consider cut price agencies.

But what is the real cost of a cheaper alternative?

In our experience, these agents tend to be less motivated to drive a campaign to its full potential and their shortened knowledge of the current market can often mean the properties they are representing, aren’t achieving the best possible price.

A recent article by Piers van Hamburg published on Real Estate Business, summed it up perfectly, why engaging the wrong agent can in fact cost you more in the long run.

Van Hamburg says that they too had vendors who had previously been enticed by these cheaper alternatives and listed with Purplebricks which “subsequently presented no offers or exhibited little to no action during the campaign period.”

When you’re selling your biggest asset, you want to know your agent has done everything possible to get you the best price out there. While Van Hamburgs’ experienced team successfully sold these properties, he says “valuable time and money had been wasted in the process.”

“Gone are the days of putting a property on the web for an over-inflated price and expecting the property to sell itself.  Consumers will place more priority on choosing the best agency opposed to the cheapest.”

In an era where we have so much choice in every aspect of our life, Van Hamburg asks, “What is the point of saving money on commission if choosing the wrong agent costs you more in the long run?”

* Source Real Estate Business