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Property Management Fees

How we save our landlords money

Many landlords only consider the immediate costs when renting out their property, such as the management fees, letting fees and advertising costs.

Unfortunately, the true cost of a cut-price property manager doesn’t become evident until it’s too late.

We have seen many landlords incur much greater costs than they had originally anticipated because their property wasn’t managed properly.

It is critical that the day to day management of your investment property is undertaken by an agency, dedicated to delivering the best results.

Our customer focussed team guarantee that taking care of your property is our number one priority.

We save our landlords much more than the management fee

Understanding the bigger picture and ongoing expenses

Although the immediate costs of some agencies may seem low in the beginning, it’s important to consider the big picture and the long-term cost of a “discount” agency.

We are proud to offer competitive property management services and believe the true savings for our landlords, lies in the exceptional day to day property management we deliver.

We would love to help you!

Byrony O’Neill


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Request Property Management Fees

We can send you a breakdown of our property management fees including advertising costs and re-letting fees.

What our clients have to say

The success of our property management services is proven by the 90% of business which has come from client referrals. There have been occasions where our tenants have asked us to manage their own property, as they appreciated how we handled the process for them.

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