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6 tips for buying your dream home at Auction

6 tips for buying your dream home at Auction

Auction day can evoke all kinds of emotions for those involved.

Here, we round up our top tips for buying at Auction, so you can shake those nerves and celebrate the purchase of your dream home!

Bid with Confidence

The wait and see strategy is a popular one amongst purchasers but it does pay to take control early on. According to Justin Nickerson from Apollo Auctions, 68% of opening bidders, are the successful purchasers. Bid with confidence and without hesitation. You are much better to set the tone and show your competition that you intend to buy, than sit back and potentially be on the back foot.

Take Advantage of Your Position

Not everyone can bid at auction. There may be strong interest in the property but you might be surprised to see only a handful are able to bid under the cash-unconditional terms of an auction. Other buyers may still require finance approval or building and pest inspections before they are able to purchase.

Less Competition

If you are in a position to purchase at auction, you may actually find you have less competition on the day. Again, this is because not every buyer will be able to purchase under auction terms. If a property “passes in” at auction (does not sell), often several buyers come forward afterwards seeking to buy with a range of special conditions attached to their offer. This then places buyers in competition with each other post-auction.

The Upper Hand

Many buyers have secured excellent value at auction simply because a cash-unconditional contract was a high priority for the seller. The seller chose to take the maximum bid under auction conditions, rather than consider potentially higher offers that were subject to conditions after the auction had ended. Bidding at auction is often the best opportunity for you to secure your dream home at the price you are comfortable paying.

Watch body language

On auction day, assess the crowd and determine who else will be bidding. Once you have your eye on the competition, stand in a position that allows you to see their body language. When the auction gets going, most buyers will begin to show signs of their position or if they are reaching their buying limit.

Get Involved

It’s tempting to play your cards close to your chest, especially when it feels like the world is watching you. But on auction day, everyone is there for the same reason. The seller is ready to see the hammer come down, the buyers are keen to buy their dream home, both parties are usually as nervous as each other. Raise your paddle and don’t be afraid to bid. You might be surprised to find your new home is closer than you think!

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